The Arm

The design of The Arm was inspired by Will's desire to ride the demanding trails of his home province, British Columbia, known for its highly demanding, rocky, root laden, steep, slick trails.  As a result The Arm, constructed of titanium and alloy, is durable and high performance. It offers Will precise control and handling, optimal positioning, and a secure connection. Never before has Will been able to control his bike in the way that The Arm allows him to. He  is now riding 15 foot high planks, narrow boardwalks, and is working on his launching technique. The advantage to The Arm is that it is also multifunctional. In addition to cycling, or motocross, The Arm can be modified to be used for activities such as fishing, or adapted for tool use.  Advanced Prosthetic Technologies would be happy to work with you on custom prosthetic projects.

Designed to mimic the mechanics of the human arm, The Arm provides elbow flexion and extension, adjustable angles, and adjustable internal and external rotation.

The Arm comes complete with a Fox Racing Shox custom tuned compression dampened elbow. This reduces impact forces on the shoulder.  The shock is interchangeable with an alloy rod, for daily use.

The Hand

The Hand is the terminal device of The Arm. It offers the easy connect disconnect system, allows wrist flexion and extension, is a standard thread, and is easily adapted for different activities: ATV, motocross, cycling, grasping tools. The Hand is available separately from The Arm.

If you have questions regarding The Arm or The Hand, or wish to purchase The Arm or  The Hand please contact Will Craig at:

Tel: 1 250 352 1110

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