The Hand

The Hand is the terminal device of The Arm.  It threads into a standard wrist unit, is easily adaptable,  and is available separately from The Arm. The Hand incorporates the easy connect/disconnect system, and the wrist portion can be free floating or locked at a specific angle for different activities  The hand allows wrist flexion and extension.

The Tool Bracket is the latest development from
Advanced Prosthetic Technologies. With this addition the Hand becomes a true multifunctional device. It is easily exchanged with the cycling bracket.
Built to mimic the mechanics of the human hand, the concept of the Tool Bracket is simple. A custom handle is molded around a tool, utensil, or sporting device. This is then slid into the Tool Bracket, and the bracket clamped shut. The bracket is hinged and can be flipped open and then locked down around a device if shape or size will not permit direct insertion. This is analogous to how the human hand works with the
fingers extending and then curling around to grasp an item. The applications are nearly limitless as we can adapt most tools, and sporting goods to fit The Hand. The biggest benefit is that the amputee can use their pre-existing tools, and that the modified tools can be used by others.

Will on 'The Shore",

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