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Changing Attitudes

Will paragliding: The Point, Utah.

Directory of Related Links
Great information source on trails, all that is new and happening on Vancouver's, The Shore, and other great riding in British Columbia.
An amazing resource on cycling for amputees.

phree media
Contact Phil Edlefsen, creator of Union, a hard-core mountain biking video with some great footage of The Arm in action.
A program of the British Paragliding and Hangliding Association that  supports folks of all abilities.

Next Dimension Engineering
Design, solid modeling, analysis, optimization, Pro/E, Solidworks, FEA. Many thanks to Kevin Tisue, volunteer engineering consultant on The Arm 2003.

The Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia
Head office: Vancouver Tel: 1 604 688 6464
Jericho Sailing Center (Vancouver)  1 604 222 3003
Victoria 1 250 477 6314

North Shore Extreme videos:
A series of videos by Todd Fiander, "Digger", that define the North Shore mountain biking experience. Check out North Shore Extreme four and six for footage of The Arm in action.

Toby's Cycle Works
Co-designers and builder's of The Arm
1 604 255 9698

The Adaptive Sports Center

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